Dear customers, due to the permanent development of our company and the expansion of our portfolio, we decided to provide a short summary of our capabilities. Below you can find all we can offer in the field of supply of metallurgical materials and services.

Since 2011, we have established business contacts with a number of new and quality partners, which considerably expanded our capabilities. Actual scope of services is wide and complex and can satisfy almost every customer.

Metallurgical material

– Round, flat, square and hexagonal hot rolled steel

– Drawn steel

– Complete dimensional series

– Black or machined surface

– Heat treatment – annealing, refining …

Tool Steel

– Hot rolled round steel rom 75 to 275 mm (except ledeburitic and high speed steels)

– Forged round (95-1200 mm) , square (90-900 mm ) and flat steel (90-1500 mm) width,

diameter 7500 – 640,000 mm2

– High-speed steel flat and round from pr. 2 mm, cut or peeled, incl. possibility of ESR

– Black or machined surface

– Heat treatment – annealing, refinement, EFS annealing…


– Purchase of scrap metal

– Waste of tool and high speed steels

– Worn HSS tools

– Bronze Waste

– Other metals (tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, nickel …)


– Transport from piece to full-track load

– Transport within the Czech Republic and in whole Europe

– The possibility of intercontinental transport by ship or by air


– All range of machining scope (lathes, carousels, CNC milling machines, grinders..)

– Pricing based on drawings