Metallurgical material

Currently, we offer a complete range of metallurgical material from structural steel class No.11 to the tool and stainless steels class No.19 in the following versions:

  • Rolled and forged steel
  • Drawn steel
  • Peeled and roughed steel
  • Pipes, open and closed profiles
  • Steel plates

Material is offered with heat treatment as per the customer requirements (soft annealed, tempered,… EFS) with the possibility of precise lengths production or cutting to the required size. We provide the production of rolled tool steel of classes 19552, 19554 and 19663 including heat treatment, with a very attractive price . Furthermore, we are able to produce steel as per your requirements on chemical composition and design (e.g. remelted under the slag) and in requireddimensions.

Metal scrap

Purchase of metal scrap we started to offer as an additional service to our customers and due to the positive feedback, we are further developing this activity. We are interested in alloyed metal scrap (classes No.17 and 19). For this scrap we pay a price corresponding with chemical composition and purity of the scrap. We are able to buy from you scrap in various forms – lump waste, metal plates, chips, rolls of wire … Very interesting prices we can offer for old dies (Cl.19552, 19663) or stainless steel scrap (old tools, chips).


Since 2013 we offer not only to our customers transport and logistic services. At the beginning we only use these services to transport metallurgical material to our customers, however, considering the wide possibilities which we have in this area, we started to offer transport services as a standalone product. Today we are able to offer transport services from small individual parcels to whole carload shipments in attractive prices.