About us

CZECH STEEL GROUP, s.r.o., was established in 2011 and started its activity as a completely new company in the market for metallurgical materials.

Our core business at the beginning was trade with semi-finished products from alloy and special steels,especially tool and stainless steels. We offered to our customers limited range of plain and low- alloy steels as well. We started to cooperate with a number of business partners who have enabled us to expand the portfolio of services offered.

In 2012, in cooperation with our partners, we started to produce tool steels by rolling. The same year we started trading of metal scrap, which many of our customers welcomed as an interesting additional service, offering them possibility of further profit. Our product range of carbon steels was enlarged.

In year 2013 was our portfolio enlarged by complete range of steel grades 10 – 16, previously offered only to a limited extent. Next important milestone was the start of freight forwarding and transport services. Since that time we offer to our customers transport of goods and products within whole Europe.

Year 2014 was even more revolutionary than past years. This year we´ve opened a sales office in Zlín, where you are welcomed to offer you our services. We further strengthened our sales team and we also enlarge our range of pipes and open and closed profiles, allowing us to have a complete range of steel products. As the company name suggests, our goal is to offer mainly Czech products and propagate the good name of the Czech metallurgical industry, even beyond the borders of our country.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of our company is not to be just an “ordinary” supplier of metallurgical materials, but offer to our customers superior service. This service includes the possibility to pay for the delivered material by alloy metal scrap. For this scrap, in contrast with usual scrap dealers, we can offer a price corresponding to the chemical analysis of the scrap, which can be several times higher than the price of a ferrous scrap. We are also able to offer your products to our business partners and contribute to the development of your business. All of these additional services makes us a partner who can support your business development.


Although we are a quite young company, after 4 years on the market, we are established as a reliable and capable partner. We are not beginners in our branch, our employees are experienced in metallurgy, forging of materials, rolling and peeling of steel including heat treatment and sale of all these products. We are very pleased to share our experience with you to improve our services.

Our customers are not just our business partners, but also people, which can become friends and to whom we can help to solve their professional problems.


Our partners are companies form large range of different activities . but we mainly cooperate with partners from :

– Automotive
– Mechanical Engineering
– Metallurgy
– Scrap treatment
– Close die forging
– Military industry


Supplementary services

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Enlarging of our services with transportation

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